Interior Décor Graphics

Allows you to use your wall and floor space as an additional way to advertise or just to create a new environment for your customers and employees. By using a larger space, you are able to have a greater visual impact on the audience!


Setting the mood and increasing productivity. A picture that can be impressed upon everyone in a flash is very powerful and economical.

In the everyday workplace, one finds that murals do not need to be just photographs or illustrations or even representative of anything in the workday world. They can be relaxing mood setters or productivity enhancers with abstracts, textures and patterns. Smart people managers and architects create appropriate work and relaxation areas with well-planned super-graphics!

  • Available in any shape, sizes, textures, patterns,
  • materials, and different adhesion levels.
  • Rather than generic prints we are able to customize and meet the needs of the customer
  • We can offer a varnish layer giving the wall graphic a shiny 3D look
  • We are also able to install wall graphics if neccessary



  • All full- color window graphics are available in any shape, size, and we can customize to any store front
  • Offered in clear, opaque, black out and even reflective
  • Offer window perforation which is available in multiple configurations which allows you to change the visibility for light to pass through
  • Window films are a more permanent option while window clings are a more temporary use.
  • We also provide installation on window graphics no matter how big or little the size


Floor graphics are distinguished by their anti-slip surface, usually a use-specific, anti-slip film laminated over the self-adhesive graphic. 


All Art Works floor graphics are printed with exterior-grade, solvent-based, UV-resistant inks for fade- free performance, indoors or out. Once printed, floor graphics can be contour-cut to any shape or size.  They can be permanent or removable floor graphics for both indoor and outdoor applications including:

  • Concrete, asphalt, sealed concrete floors & more!
  • Retail and commercial stores
  • Warehouse signage
  • Indicator signs
  • Promotional events

Prints & Fine Arts

Adding Elegance To Your Enviroment!

Whether you are a business owner decorating your facility or a professional artist or photographer, Art Works Serigraphy can create vibrant, high-resolution reproductions of original photographs, paintings and other artwork. Use fine art and photographic prints to enhance the décor of hotel lobbies and meeting rooms, retail locations, office hallways and restaurants. Durable custom canvas prints make nice fine art prints, as do photographs printed on other types of fabric. Fine art prints are durable and can be created in a wide variety of sizes and then mounted, framed or hung for display. Promote your products and services with custom printed fine art from Art Works Serigraphy.